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Psilo brought me here^^

<r>Hello, I am Archie Jr! Psilonox is letting me help you guys be a more appealing clan, so you may get more members and fully allow PTWB to survive for a long time on Trackmania! Thanks for allowing me to be here <E>Smile</E></r>

<r>I'll vouch for that! now get to work jr! <E>Big Grin</E> <br/>
you can post suggestiong in <URL url=""><s></s>general discussion<e></e></URL> and if it gets messy like you want to give driving tips and more, or we all start jumping in i will add more subforums, or force someone else to do it <E>:lol:</E></r>
[Image: BGR2AGV1ZGHm.png]

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